First item on the list…

I’m a very plan and list-oriented person. Therefore, even though I am fresh out of college living at the boyfriend’s house and searching for a big j-o-b, I have already begun my “apartment must purchase” list. At least window shopping (is that still the same thing when you do it online instead of in stores?) for pretty decorative things to fill a future apartment will keep me in a happy mood while the search continues!

First stop, providing that I can land a salaried job before the new year, will be modern chic home. I looove the owner’s blog site and through reading that, I came across her store. (Modern Chic Home). I adore just about everything in there, from the wall paper to mirrors and graphic rugs! A all time favorite includes the black and white “keep calm and carry on” bath towels, that would make my bathroom look all the more tres chic. A (rather large) sampling of contenders for the future apartment:

cupcake salt and pepper shakers! almost as amazing as the real thing.

I loved the vintage-y mail holder – nothing quite compares to receiving letters in the mail and opening them, that’s for sure. As much as I love my BlackBerry, clicking the “open e-mail” button does not give you the same feeling.

I could probably post about 50 more things from the store, however that would be what the boyfriend calls “overkill”. On a side note, I’m also stopping to start my second chess game of my life… I played my first game today with him (apparently he was the Elementary School champ back in the day, even beating the Middle School champ… aww!) I’m a reluctant learner because I like to win at games right away and chess isn’t something you really pick up in 5 minutes. I am determined to learn it though! I bet a nice antique chess set would be great for a Christmas present…


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