iPad: Helping to Increase Ad Revenue?

To be completely honest, I still haven’t decided if I’ll get on the iPad bandwagon completely or not.
Yes, as soon as the iPad was announced by Apple, everyone in my communication classes, professors especially, were talking this thing up like it was the second coming.
Personally, I still feel that until there is an actual need that I can’t get off of my laptop and BlackBerry already, I’m not ready to sign myself up at the nearest Genius Bar.

Saw this article on Yahoo! today that made me happy – another purpose for the iPad besides providing thousands of cool, random, and sometimes pointless apps. People are noticing that the iPad could help increase advertising revenue, with companies paying more to be featured on the iPad than they would in more traditional mediums.

Also interesting was the fact that on average, a person will spend much more time on the magazine apps than compared to the magazine websites. This recalled a advertisement I saw in a recent Vanity Fair about the staying power of magazines; even with the recent decline of print news, magazine sales and subscriptions have not suffered like their print news counterparts.


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