The Sweet South: a Southern Proper Father’s Day

While I was raised outside of the South, more accurately outside of the country, my family’s original Southern roots (in Mississippi and Louisiana, respectively) definitely became a part of me the longer I lived in Florida during my undergraduate years. And interning in D.C. last summer with a large group of students all mostly from New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Illinois, et cetera was not only a great experience – but also cemented my affinity for all things Southern. As I told B one time, there’s no way I’m ever living permanently above the Mason-Dixon line!

Given my love for the best of the south, I will sporadically be writing about unique to the South stores, fashions, businesses, places and of course, food! Summer trips to the Mississippi gulf coast, Baton Rouge, Tallahasse and Houston is in the works as well. I can already smell the magnolias at my grandparent’s place and can not wait to drink some well-earned mimosas at Houston’s Rivas Restaurant.

Getting ideas for the first few posts was pretty easy, and choosing the first post was even easier. Southern Proper is quickly positioning itself to become a southern-inspired clothing mainstay across the country (yes, even retail outfits in New Jersey, New York and Michigan!)

Father’s Day is approaching and I’m sure I’ll be one of many purchasing something from the ladies of Southern Proper for the occasion. Visiting their website alone is something worth doing; I love how they incorporate southern terms in their clothing lines. For example, the men’s boxers are “southern drawls”, their bow ties are “beaus collection” and their line of t-shirts are “sweet tees”. I’ve been eyeing their “belle bands” for a while now, especially the navy magnolia head band!


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