Twitter + Tory Burch: “The Official Preppy Handbook” updates itself with “True Prep”

I was googling the cult-hit classic “The Official Preppy Handbook”, looking for a decently priced used one to buy, since it has been out of print for over 10 years now. To my delight, I discovered that the author of the 1980’s classic, Lisa Birnbach, teamed up with Chip (can it get any preppier than that?!) Kidd to co-author the sort-of sequel, “True Prep”. It’s an updated version of the original how to preppy guide, this time updating the preppy lifestyle with all of the post-1980’s inventions, gadgets, and social platforms (the internet, cell phones, Social Media, etc). The book will be released later this fall and I have already pre-ordered my copy! The article from The New York Times also listed that there was going to be a new section on “black preppies” – well that is only fitting as Michelle Obama and her fabulous J Crew outfits came to mind right away. Also read that Tory Burch will be one of the clothing companies discussed. This look from the very preppy Ralph Lauren Rugby line (I was so upset to discover the nearest store to me is either in the ultimate preppy haven of D.C., Georgetown, or Dallas! Just another reason to move) and I found it so fitting with the “True Prep” theme of infusing modern technology with classic, traditionally preppy lifestyle. *Note model holding cell phone.

Below: Blair Waldorf, my favorite contemporary preppy icon. Lastly, an homage to color using Tory Burch reva flat’s.


One thought on “Twitter + Tory Burch: “The Official Preppy Handbook” updates itself with “True Prep”

  1. Your contribution here is substantial, worthwhile, and very enjoyable. Satire and all that it encompasses is not easy to bring to bear on the fine line that it inhabits, by definition.

    When the first handbook was published I found it not particularly applicable to me, since my Prep school was ST. Peter’s Preparatory School For Boys, in a very high crime, ghetto area of Jersey City, New Jersey.

    Our mission was to have the Jesuit brain washing, making you think there was nothing you could not learn, and no test in the universe so hard that you could not study and pass it. While being alert, so as to avoid violence in the form of muggings, stabbings, and occassional shootings in the surrrounding neighborhood. Many people carried knives.
    I started in 1966, graduating four years later, in 1970.

    ST. Peter’s was a Prep school as the name implies. Academics were emphasized above all else. The Jesuits are thorough educators, and some of them are saints.Some were anything ST. Peter’s there was not at all a sense of Prep-Ness that defines all of the universe encompassed by your admirable and entertaining blog.

    My Best Wishes Always,

    Michael P. Whelan

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