The J.Crew Bridal Boutique is officially open for brides + business in the Big Apple!

Anyone who knows me (even on a semi-good basis) knows of my love for all things J.Crew. So when one of my best friends (also a J.Crewholic) and I first heard of J.Crew opening a store in New York only for their bridal line, we were beyond excited – nevermind the fact that both of us are not going to be married, or even engaged, any time in the near future – I mean, it’s J.Crew. The NY Mag just yesterday posted an article of the store opening and a fabulous slideshow of what the store looks like, dresses, jewelry, and more. The price points, I’m happy to report, are all very good – dresses start at just under $300!! If I was a bride in this recession, I would be going crazy. No wonder they are already completely booked through an entire month. Even if I don’t get my gown from J.Crew, (I mean the power of a Vera is amazing… sidenote for you bargain hunters out there, keep an eye out for the Vera Wang collaboration with David’s Bridal, who would have ever thought of that?! I guess something good can come out of a recession!) I know any bridesmaids of mine will be rockin’ the J.Crew bridesmaids dresses. You would never even guess that they were bridesmaids dresses, that’s how amazing they are. After all, I could never let my wedding party look anything like the 1980s a la 27 dresses (no thanks, bad Pepto-Bismal pink poofy long-sleeved bridesmaids dresses). Below are my two favorite wedding dresses from the new Bridal boutique:

images from here.


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