The Sweet South: Austin’s Cutie Pie

I have a definite sweet tooth. I’m also a very particular person, especially when it comes to food. Which is probably one of the reasons why I’m one of those few people that doesn’t really like cake at all – give me any kind of pie, any day, over cake please and thank you. So, you can imagine I was really happy when I saw in June’s Southern Living issue that they had a best pies of the South section! While I was a little disappointed that a pie place within a 45 min radius of Orlando didn’t make it, that just give me all the more excuse for traveling. My favorite one, which I haven’t been to yet but am so determined to make it out there soon, is Cutie Pie’s out in Austin, Texas. The owner used to be a nurse and now set up her pie wagon after winning a pie contest with her famous Buttermilk Pie. I love the company name, and the cute pink wagon she sells her pies out of. Definitely a little bit of a twist on the traditional side. At about $3 a slice, I figure when I make it up there I’ll have to get a slice of that and a slice of the MJ Texas Twister (a white chocolate coconut pecan!) or maybe I’ll get her version of key lime pie – there’s nothing more southern than that. picture from Southern Living


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