World Cup Mania: Cool Ads + Cute Outfits

I love soccer. Soccer games are even better. And it seems that when World Cup time comes around, everyone in the whole wide world goes World Cup/Soccer/Football/Futbal/national pride crazy. I love it. There’s nothing better than seeing a stadium full of chanting people decked out in their country’s colors full of enthusiasm, going crazy with dancing and of course, watching two rival fans exchange words. Even B, who never misses the chance to put soccer below his beloved baseball, pays attention when World Cup time rolls around (apparently it’s the “only time” in soccer when the games are “exciting,” he says).

So I was pretty happy when I woke up this morning to an E-Mail from the advertising gurus at Ad Age about the 5 most viewed World Cup ads (on YouTube, of course.) I watched all 5 of them, and decided to plug in my favorite two in here. It wasn’t too hard for B and I to decide our favorites. The Ad Age article had ranked Puma, Coke, Carlsberg, Pepsi, and Nike residing at the top with over 20 million views. Nike spent something like $10 million to make the ad, so it only makes sense (I hope) that currently have the most viewed World Cup commercial. Something we didn’t agree on with the YouTube rankings – we both thought that the Coke commerical was much better and had a clearer message than the Pepsi one. But I guess when you have Akon in your Pepsi commerical, you can’t really compete with that! My favorite by far was the Nike commerical – the Carlsberg commerical was pretty good too, unless you are going on a anti-England campaign in light of the US playing them tomorrow.

Nike commercial – Write the Future

Coke Commercial – History of Celebration

Also saw these cute World Cup themed outfits over at College Fashionista. I loved the outfits that were put together specifically for each country, especially these two (a dressy-er choice for the American fan and another for Australia.)

There are outfits for other countries in the article, but Japan was not one of them. So in honor of my adopted “home” I created my own Japan fan World Cup outfit below! The Nakata jersey is one of their really good players – my favorite actually, I bought his shirt during the last World Cup that was held in Japan/Korea right after my HS graduation. While their uniforms use that pretty blue, everyone always thinks of the rising sun for Japan, and keeping in mind the Japanese love of Chanel, a blood red quilted Chanel purse give it a little – ok, a lot – more extra. Add in the blue chunky floral ring from ModCloth and relaxed looking yet stylish white and blue Tory flats and the look is almost complete. I couldn’t help but add in a vintage-inspired parasol that (mostly adult) Japanese ladies carry outside in the sun to make it all the more “authentic”. Enjoy!


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