Homesick: Japan

I’m not going to lie, I still get pretty home sick for my family + Japan every once in a while. I miss the people, the food especially, the shopping of course, mixing Japanese phrases into conversation, the cell phones(!)… I love how everything looks – the buildings, the geography of the land, et cetera. When we first moved there 8+ years ago, my family was told kind of urban legend that says if you don’t climb Mount Fuji before leaving Japan then you are supposedly destined to return again. The superstitious Irish side in me kicked in and I never went out on any opportunities I had to climb Fuji just so I could tell myself I’d be back again sometime in the future after my last trip there in January. Below are some pictures of different places around Japan that my sister took. The last one is my favorite by far for some reason, I’m not sure why though… enjoy 🙂


New Years Lanterns @ temple in Tokyo

Festival in Chinatown/Yokohoma


Little boy celebrating….the St. Patrick’s Day festival!

Snowed in, northern Japan


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