Margarita Mondays: Skinny Girl Margs a la Housewives of NYC

I’m definitely having a case of the Monday blues/blahs/whatever. After spending all day Sunday (10 – 5) moving out of my apartment, into a UHaul + into a storage unit, I figured I needed to find a good (yet calorie conscious) drink to liven up a Monday (or any day, for that matter) night. Solution: Skinny Girl Margs, thanks to Bethenny Frankel (center, above), the fabulous chef and engaged lady on the Housewives of New York City. She ordered it at bars/restaurants on the first season, and so when I Googled “skinny martini” it was one of the first things that came up. Of course, a skinny marg on the rocks to me is even better than a skinny martini, I just didn’t think there would be one in existence! She has her own website, complete with cute logo and everything. The Marg apparently is just 100 calories for 4 ounces (apparently the same as wine. yay!) Her own Skinny Girl bottle which I am happy to report is available all over Orlando at your local ABC liquor stores, which seems to retail at various locations across the country ranging from $15 – 20 dollars. If you want to order a skinny marg when your out for the night (apparently regular margs at restaurants come in at around 500 calories plus – thank god for this find then!), her recipe is: silver tequila, a bit of triple sec and juice from 3 lime wedges. Happy Marging!


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