OMG…. (via The Farmer’s Trophy Wife)

I want this cardigan, badly… Now I might spend the better part of my day searching for it or at least something very similar to it! And I love the hippie Woodstock tie-dye in the background, kind of makes this outfit stand out all the more at the farmer’s market.

OMG....   There is nothing about this outfit I do not like…other than I wish my hair was that long… … Read More

via The Farmer's Trophy Wife


5 thoughts on “OMG…. (via The Farmer’s Trophy Wife)

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  2. Hi, Sarah! This is Dyan – Kara’s actually one of my bffs!! and Christa Sherrard is my sister (which is how I came upon your blog) loved your interview! & your blog is adorable 🙂

    Anyway, I just thought you might be interested in the following website:! She makes flowers just like the one in the picture that you can pin to ANY outfit! seriously. amazing.

    • Hi Dyan!

      Thanks so much for letting me know – I’m always on the look out for cute things to add to my cardigans! Btw, I really like the book background on your blog!

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