I love going into a stationary shop. I actually get really excited about sending Christmas cards. Some of my favorite paper goods are from the fabulous kate spade paper collection, which are also easily found at Crane & Co (they have their own line of great paper, I especially like their fashion thank you notes). I came across the Smock paper collection earlier this summer and I’m in love with their designs, use of typography and their vivid color use. I know I’ll have to get my Christmas cards + thank you notes from them for this year… What makes you feel even better about buying from Smock is that their paper is made from Bamboo. Basically, it’s better in every direction to have Bamboo paper than regular cotton paper – it uses a lot less water to grow, with no fertilizer or pesticides, the plant itself grow much, much faster than what’s used for regular paper and essentially, require less oxygen. Even better, it is a prettier paper than what cotton provides anyways. Smock (located in upstate NY, just outside of Syracuse) is the only paper company in the US that uses bamboo paper to date (apparently Europeans love it). I also really like their own customization. You can pick you own font, colors, patterns, even the envelop lining and outside pattern. They cover every kind of occasion you would need paper for – thank yous, holiday, weddings, social invitations, baby showers, and more.


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