A cause for summer wedges

I’ve been considering joining the wedge trend this summer, I mean it’s practically the only style of shoe in my closet that I don’t have. What officially sealed my commitment to purchasing a pair of wedges was seeing these cute, in a classic kind of way, wedges from TOMS shoes of all places. So for just under $70 you can get your pair of perfect summer wedges and also give another pair of shoes to a child that needs them in less developed parts of the world. You can read more about the TOMS movement, documentary, blog (where they just delieverd around 7,000 shoes in Ethopia this May!) and more here. Definitely guilt-free shopping!I love the nautical-y navy and white striped one, but it’s a hard decision over the traditional black wedges (I’ll buy anything black) or even the sea green wedges that seem to be the perfect nod to summer…

Oh, and I also couldn’t help but post my personal favorite – the fabulous silver glitter TOMS. Philanthropy doesn’t get much brighter than this.


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