a carnival to remember: christa + brandon

When my good friend Kara Fillman posted these amazing pictures she took at a carnival-inspired wedding she recently went to, I knew I had to post some! Even better was when I got in contact with the lovely bride, Christa Neal, who also happens to be a fabulous wedding photographer (probably why I thought everything was so creative and well done!) In addition she of course has an amazing blog, full of her own photographs, trips, inspirations, and projects. Much of the reception stuff was DIY– so impressed! In fact, her and her husband had a wedding blog documenting the entire process/projects, including all of the DIYs she took on… and aptly called the Nealy Weds.) She did a short Q&A for me, which is below, along with three of her own photographs that were some of my favorite (very, very hard to choose!). Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

And this is by far my favorite of the whole album Kara had…. Love the bride’s shoes!

A little Q & A with Christa Neal

What made you decide to have a Carnival-themed wedding? Were there certain blogs or magazines that you got any inspiration for it?

C: I really wanted a celebration. The traditional formal weddings lack the “pizazz”. I came across snippet & ink blog and i was in love with with a few weddings I saw. But the carnival theme was just calling my name. It would be fun, relaxing, sweet, retro…Everything I wanted in my wedding! I pulled from several different weddings the details that I thought were fun. Most of the projects were easy DIY’s! I also skimmed through Martha Stewart’s wedding website. Though nothing beats wedding inspired blogs…no need to spend loads of money on wedding mags.

What was something you enjoyed most in planning your wedding/reception?

C: I really enjoyed networking with vendors who’s business cards I had collected while I was single. I got the best of the best! The DIY projects were quite a lot of fun also. I was so impressed with myself. Everything came out beautifully.

You’ve photographed quite a few weddings. Do you prefer working with outdoor or indoor venues/sites more?

C: If I had to choose…Outdoor venues hands down! I guess that’s why I opted to have an outdoor wedding to begin with. The lush greens and beautiful gardens always bring the best nature of individuals. They feel more comfortable with their surroundings than what a studio or indoor venue could do for them. Though there are the pros and cons of planning an outdoor wedding. Weather and lighting must be taken under consideration. It’s best then to have a backup plan.

What is your favorite thing to blog about?

C: As a wedding photographer it would definitely have to be photos I take that I enjoy blogging about the most. But more specifically, I adore writing about our trips and the photos we take along the way. I share my experiences of my personal photography collections and and continue my verge of self discovery through developing my talents. I share some photography tricks and how to’s for the amateur photographer also.

(most importantly…) Where did you get the blue heels you wore from?!

C: Steve Madden’s blue suede pumps were perfect with my retro dress. A nod to glam when you go Vegas blue! You want something you’ll be comfortable in all night…but the shoes will always make the outfit, that’s my theory. Hence, my collection of 20 pairs of pumps I own.
(The Steven Madden’s blue suede can only be found at Macy’s)

Christa Neal Photography:

These photographs belong to Christa Neal and can be found here. Christa is based out of Houston, Texas.


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