Shabby Cottage Chic

Now this is definitely my minds-eye vision of a perfect, summer-y New England cottage. You can read the NY Times article here. The fabulous lady who renovated and owns it, Sandra Foster, lives on the 14-acre property with her husband, . The shabby chic shack was renovated to serve as a place to escape and play, as it has no bathroom or kitchen. I love the use of mostly white color inside and outside of the cottage, especially set against the rich green outdoors of upstate New York. Many of the items inside the cottage were found at flea markets or salvage shops and re-done – my favorite example is the mirror that was repainted using Ralph Lauren paint. How New England. The article made me want to go outside and find my own treasure of a run down cottage to make over! The chandelier (found at Target-!) above the all white bed-loft makes me very, very jealous indeed. I want to be on this porch on a summers evening reading and drinking a mint julep!

Pictures found here.


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