I have a slight confession. I am addicted to bows. Anywhere. Any size, any color. I almost bought these bow-tastic Paris Hilton heels when I spotted them at T.J. Maxx(My favorite girl, T. Swift also shops at T.J. Maxx says this months Marie Claire– even another reason to go there for a quick shopping trip!) the other day – alas, my foot wasn’t going to fill the 7.5 size they only came in! I didn’t even care that the edges of the bow would probably get ruined in a night out on the town (And the fact that Paris Hilton-or her company- designed something I really liked was the surprise of the day for me) Something about the how adding a bow to an article of clothing or accessories just really makes it all much better to me for some reason. And it’s pretty addicting to start buying! Going home over Christmas break to Japan I was in bow heaven – the Japanese girls love bows probably more than I do, and the size of them on headbands were pretty big – although nothing outrageous like Lady Gaga, unless you were in Harajuku that is. I compiled some of my favorite bow-apparel items from three different stores that always offer amazing styles (and brands), using low, middle + high price points. And since choosing between items was harder than picking between another margarita and extra gym time or no marg at all, this is going to be one very long lists of pictures indeed. Enjoy!

Low price point bow love: J.Crew

Middle price point bow love: Kate Spade

High price point bow love: Net-a-Porter


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