A Punch of Color

Perhaps it has something to do with continuously changing fashions with the same dark and neutral palettes at work that has me overly happy for 2011’s color of the year. The Pantone Color Institute has christened Honeysuckle as the new ‘it’ color for the coming year – a color that blends red and pink. I feel like it’s almost an adult pink – not neon or barbie hot pink, and yet not a soft, girlie pink (something I’m not a avid fan of, except on my nails. And blog background). I’m looking forward to seeing this color pop up in clothes, interior designs, home products, and more. Visa has even come out with an official Honeysuckle Platinum Rewards card, and I could use a bit of color in my wallet next to my silver, red and navy colored cards! Read more about the inspiration behind choosing Honeysuckle for 2011, what to wear and accessorize with this pretty hue, and the color meaning here.

Michael Kors Draped Goddess Dress in Rose

Sachin + Babi Kassidy Ruffle Colorblock Top

Personalized Case for E-Reader

Pink Flannel Shirt J.Crew

Prada Saffiano Leather Shoulder Bag

Emmy Thong Sandal Tory Burch

Lilly Pulitzer Cable Knit Cashmere Cardigan

Marc by Marc Jacobs Feather Jersey Tank Top

Marc by Marc Jacobs Anne Shirting Dress

All pictures and products found at Neiman Marcus, J.Crew, and Saks Fifth Avenue.


Love of the Moment: Emerson Made’s fabulous flowers

So a few weeks ago, I re-blogged this lovely style picture on the left from The Farmer’s Trophy Wife at her fabulous blog. I mean, who doesn’t love cardigans + flowers?! I wanted to know where her fabulous flower cardigan could be purchased from badly, and thankfully my friend of a friend Dyan helped me out with that discovery – Emerson Made is the company that makes these gorgeous flowers that you can pin/use/wear on literally everything (cardigans, clutches, shirts, shifts, heels, jackets…you name it). Actually, the lady with the fab flower cardigan is one half of Emerson Made (her hubby is the other!) and their website is really something to check out…. All of the photographs on there they take themselves, and they are opening a clothing line very soon (like this stunning lilac shift right below). They offer a few different kinds of flowers, such as the aptly-named Dahlia, Dandy, and Rose. I love their photographs, and it’s amazing how many ways you can use their flowers for that Emerson Made seems to come up with. Some favorites: small flowers for mens wear, flower ropes for decor, and even flowers made for that special occasion. Yes, Emerson Made makes one of a kind flowers for Will You Marry Me? and Happy Anniversary… pretty romantic/creative if you ask me. Below are some of my favorite (I have a lot of favorites, if you can’t tell) flowers that Emerson Made sells on their website. I can’t wait to see the rest of their clothing line that they have coming out! I’m beyond happy that Dyan told me about E Made – Even just one flower that can be used for every cardigan would give it that much more flair.

All photographs from Emerson Made.

Shabby Cottage Chic

Now this is definitely my minds-eye vision of a perfect, summer-y New England cottage. You can read the NY Times article here. The fabulous lady who renovated and owns it, Sandra Foster, lives on the 14-acre property with her husband, . The shabby chic shack was renovated to serve as a place to escape and play, as it has no bathroom or kitchen. I love the use of mostly white color inside and outside of the cottage, especially set against the rich green outdoors of upstate New York. Many of the items inside the cottage were found at flea markets or salvage shops and re-done – my favorite example is the mirror that was repainted using Ralph Lauren paint. How New England. The article made me want to go outside and find my own treasure of a run down cottage to make over! The chandelier (found at Target-!) above the all white bed-loft makes me very, very jealous indeed. I want to be on this porch on a summers evening reading and drinking a mint julep!

Pictures found here.

a carnival to remember: christa + brandon

When my good friend Kara Fillman posted these amazing pictures she took at a carnival-inspired wedding she recently went to, I knew I had to post some! Even better was when I got in contact with the lovely bride, Christa Neal, who also happens to be a fabulous wedding photographer (probably why I thought everything was so creative and well done!) In addition she of course has an amazing blog, full of her own photographs, trips, inspirations, and projects. Much of the reception stuff was DIY– so impressed! In fact, her and her husband had a wedding blog documenting the entire process/projects, including all of the DIYs she took on… and aptly called the Nealy Weds.) She did a short Q&A for me, which is below, along with three of her own photographs that were some of my favorite (very, very hard to choose!). Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

And this is by far my favorite of the whole album Kara had…. Love the bride’s shoes!

A little Q & A with Christa Neal

What made you decide to have a Carnival-themed wedding? Were there certain blogs or magazines that you got any inspiration for it?

C: I really wanted a celebration. The traditional formal weddings lack the “pizazz”. I came across snippet & ink blog and i was in love with with a few weddings I saw. But the carnival theme was just calling my name. It would be fun, relaxing, sweet, retro…Everything I wanted in my wedding! I pulled from several different weddings the details that I thought were fun. Most of the projects were easy DIY’s! I also skimmed through Martha Stewart’s wedding website. Though nothing beats wedding inspired blogs…no need to spend loads of money on wedding mags.

What was something you enjoyed most in planning your wedding/reception?

C: I really enjoyed networking with vendors who’s business cards I had collected while I was single. I got the best of the best! The DIY projects were quite a lot of fun also. I was so impressed with myself. Everything came out beautifully.

You’ve photographed quite a few weddings. Do you prefer working with outdoor or indoor venues/sites more?

C: If I had to choose…Outdoor venues hands down! I guess that’s why I opted to have an outdoor wedding to begin with. The lush greens and beautiful gardens always bring the best nature of individuals. They feel more comfortable with their surroundings than what a studio or indoor venue could do for them. Though there are the pros and cons of planning an outdoor wedding. Weather and lighting must be taken under consideration. It’s best then to have a backup plan.

What is your favorite thing to blog about?

C: As a wedding photographer it would definitely have to be photos I take that I enjoy blogging about the most. But more specifically, I adore writing about our trips and the photos we take along the way. I share my experiences of my personal photography collections and and continue my verge of self discovery through developing my talents. I share some photography tricks and how to’s for the amateur photographer also.

(most importantly…) Where did you get the blue heels you wore from?!

C: Steve Madden’s blue suede pumps were perfect with my retro dress. A nod to glam when you go Vegas blue! You want something you’ll be comfortable in all night…but the shoes will always make the outfit, that’s my theory. Hence, my collection of 20 pairs of pumps I own.
(The Steven Madden’s blue suede can only be found at Macy’s)

Christa Neal Photography:

These photographs belong to Christa Neal and can be found here. Christa is based out of Houston, Texas.

Bringing history home: Flea Market Style

There’s nothing better than a good style book full of fabulous ideas+inspiration that also doubles as a great coffee table book. I just got Flea Market Style by Emily Chalmers in the mail and couldn’t put it down! Below are some of my favorite rooms she has decorated from the book. Ms Emily knows a thing or two about decor- she has her own wonderful shop, called Caravan – very fitting name, yes? Flea Market Style is chock full of inspiring + creative ideas and tips, perfect for someone who admires, well, flea market style but isn’t well versed with the ins and outs of it yet (ie, me). The book has made me wanting to go to the next flea market in Orlando super bad – although I’m afraid I might find more Disney-inspired vintage pieces than things I’d really like, but we’ll see. I’ve always known London was a great city for flea market finds, I’m wondering what other cities in the US are perfect meccas of cool, eccentric vintage finds?

Hidden Treasures: vintage + handmade everything from Etsy

A few weeks ago while looking around online I found my new favorite shopping site – Etsy. It’s basically a cooler version of Ebay (minus all the overload of stuff on there and the annoying bidding feature) or Craigslist (minus the creepy missed connections/looking for sections!), in my opinion. At Etsy you can buy or sell vintage or handmade items – there’s literally thousands of different kinds of items it seems like. The general categories include art, furniture, vintage, weddings, housewares, glass, bath, patterns, paper goods, lighting…. there has to be around 50, so I’m stopping short. I love this mirror and the handmade ship will be perfect with all of the nautical themed decor I have in my living/dining room. Found a nice tall entertainment center for $8.00 (I’m not joking) the only catch is that you need to get the wood and cut it out yourself (like with a jig saw) and then put it together. Hmm.. I’m determined to make it work when it comes in, though (obviously with the help of a few people.. I’m a better supervisor when it comes to these types of projects) I’m going to then paint/distress it a bit, can’t wait to see how that project turns out. I need new doorknobs for my tall all black dresser, and with my all black and white bedroom, I love these two different zebra knobs I found. Except now I don’t know which one to pick at all….


First item on the list…

I’m a very plan and list-oriented person. Therefore, even though I am fresh out of college living at the boyfriend’s house and searching for a big j-o-b, I have already begun my “apartment must purchase” list. At least window shopping (is that still the same thing when you do it online instead of in stores?) for pretty decorative things to fill a future apartment will keep me in a happy mood while the search continues!

First stop, providing that I can land a salaried job before the new year, will be modern chic home. I looove the owner’s blog site and through reading that, I came across her store. (Modern Chic Home). I adore just about everything in there, from the wall paper to mirrors and graphic rugs! A all time favorite includes the black and white “keep calm and carry on” bath towels, that would make my bathroom look all the more tres chic. A (rather large) sampling of contenders for the future apartment:

cupcake salt and pepper shakers! almost as amazing as the real thing.

I loved the vintage-y mail holder – nothing quite compares to receiving letters in the mail and opening them, that’s for sure. As much as I love my BlackBerry, clicking the “open e-mail” button does not give you the same feeling.

I could probably post about 50 more things from the store, however that would be what the boyfriend calls “overkill”. On a side note, I’m also stopping to start my second chess game of my life… I played my first game today with him (apparently he was the Elementary School champ back in the day, even beating the Middle School champ… aww!) I’m a reluctant learner because I like to win at games right away and chess isn’t something you really pick up in 5 minutes. I am determined to learn it though! I bet a nice antique chess set would be great for a Christmas present…