Pencil This In

I love strong, graphic prints and colors on just about everything. One of my sisters showed me this tres chic mini line of planners, notebooks and card by California homemaker Sarah Pinto. Just in time for the New Years! (For some reason, staying organized and having at least 2 planners is always my go to NY resolution). I’m in love with the anchor planner (surprised? Didn’t think so) but the elephant comes in at a very close second. I’m a sucker for pretty paper products – and if the cool graphics aren’t enough to tempt you, Sarah donates a percentage to the CPMC Pediatric Cardiology center. PS: I love her logo – a well played pink pinto bean!



I love going into a stationary shop. I actually get really excited about sending Christmas cards. Some of my favorite paper goods are from the fabulous kate spade paper collection, which are also easily found at Crane & Co (they have their own line of great paper, I especially like their fashion thank you notes). I came across the Smock paper collection earlier this summer and I’m in love with their designs, use of typography and their vivid color use. I know I’ll have to get my Christmas cards + thank you notes from them for this year… What makes you feel even better about buying from Smock is that their paper is made from Bamboo. Basically, it’s better in every direction to have Bamboo paper than regular cotton paper – it uses a lot less water to grow, with no fertilizer or pesticides, the plant itself grow much, much faster than what’s used for regular paper and essentially, require less oxygen. Even better, it is a prettier paper than what cotton provides anyways. Smock (located in upstate NY, just outside of Syracuse) is the only paper company in the US that uses bamboo paper to date (apparently Europeans love it). I also really like their own customization. You can pick you own font, colors, patterns, even the envelop lining and outside pattern. They cover every kind of occasion you would need paper for – thank yous, holiday, weddings, social invitations, baby showers, and more.

Twitter + Tory Burch: “The Official Preppy Handbook” updates itself with “True Prep”

I was googling the cult-hit classic “The Official Preppy Handbook”, looking for a decently priced used one to buy, since it has been out of print for over 10 years now. To my delight, I discovered that the author of the 1980’s classic, Lisa Birnbach, teamed up with Chip (can it get any preppier than that?!) Kidd to co-author the sort-of sequel, “True Prep”. It’s an updated version of the original how to preppy guide, this time updating the preppy lifestyle with all of the post-1980’s inventions, gadgets, and social platforms (the internet, cell phones, Social Media, etc). The book will be released later this fall and I have already pre-ordered my copy! The article from The New York Times also listed that there was going to be a new section on “black preppies” – well that is only fitting as Michelle Obama and her fabulous J Crew outfits came to mind right away. Also read that Tory Burch will be one of the clothing companies discussed. This look from the very preppy Ralph Lauren Rugby line (I was so upset to discover the nearest store to me is either in the ultimate preppy haven of D.C., Georgetown, or Dallas! Just another reason to move) and I found it so fitting with the “True Prep” theme of infusing modern technology with classic, traditionally preppy lifestyle. *Note model holding cell phone.

Below: Blair Waldorf, my favorite contemporary preppy icon. Lastly, an homage to color using Tory Burch reva flat’s.