Love of the Moment: Emerson Made’s fabulous flowers

So a few weeks ago, I re-blogged this lovely style picture on the left from The Farmer’s Trophy Wife at her fabulous blog. I mean, who doesn’t love cardigans + flowers?! I wanted to know where her fabulous flower cardigan could be purchased from badly, and thankfully my friend of a friend Dyan helped me out with that discovery – Emerson Made is the company that makes these gorgeous flowers that you can pin/use/wear on literally everything (cardigans, clutches, shirts, shifts, heels, jackets…you name it). Actually, the lady with the fab flower cardigan is one half of Emerson Made (her hubby is the other!) and their website is really something to check out…. All of the photographs on there they take themselves, and they are opening a clothing line very soon (like this stunning lilac shift right below). They offer a few different kinds of flowers, such as the aptly-named Dahlia, Dandy, and Rose. I love their photographs, and it’s amazing how many ways you can use their flowers for that Emerson Made seems to come up with. Some favorites: small flowers for mens wear, flower ropes for decor, and even flowers made for that special occasion. Yes, Emerson Made makes one of a kind flowers for Will You Marry Me? and Happy Anniversary… pretty romantic/creative if you ask me. Below are some of my favorite (I have a lot of favorites, if you can’t tell) flowers that Emerson Made sells on their website. I can’t wait to see the rest of their clothing line that they have coming out! I’m beyond happy that Dyan told me about E Made – Even just one flower that can be used for every cardigan would give it that much more flair.

All photographs from Emerson Made.


The Sweet South: Jack Rogers

With a big girl paycheck in hand (finally!), I’m about to make my first adulthood, post-graduate purchase… and since I was able to score a glass top dinning room table fo’ free, I want to buy a non-apartment item. Jack Rogers sandals a la Jackie Kennedy it is! A little background: Jack Rogers= the epitome of South Florida beach chic fashion (as in Palm Beach, not so much Miami) that was made uber-famous and cemented it’s place in the halls of fashion when Jackie Kennedy wore them in the summer of ’61. While still staying true to their classic style, they have evolved with time – wedges included! My mother (and boyfriend) being the Practical Paulas that they are might tell me that it’s a tad frivolous to buy sandals as my first ticket item as a working girl. But I was convinced this was the right choice after a) I’ve wanted my own J Rogers for a while now, and patience is a virtue so I should reward myself, right? b) they’ve been chic forever and always will be and, finally, c) I’ve heard they last forever, for years – so clearly they are a sound investment item to purchase! Plus, this is such a summer type purchase and I didn’t buy a new bikini this season, so add that to the validations of this purchase!

Now I need some help…. I am very indecisive when it comes to picking one color, and I have no idea which ones would be better to own!? A black pair seems the most logical, but I looove their metallic platinum color (and in either flats or wedges, how can one decide?!) and at the same time, their bright pink ones just seem so… appropriate. Almost an homage to Palm Beach, summer in Florida, and all things Lily Pulitzer.

After thoroughly exhausting their website, I discovered their clothing line also…. so very beach-y and Palm Beach Garden-esque. I really like how Jack Rogers offers both bright, floral/bold designs and lighter, more neutral designs too. Am in love with this white top and bright tunic- and their dresses are perfect for a summer garden party/beach wedding reception. Happy shopping!

Pictures from here and here.

Around the Globe: First Lady Style

I know I’ve said (on facebook, so it’s official right?) that my dream job would be the social secretary for a White House administration, but honestly I don’t think anything would be better than being a First Lady. Well, the 2000s kinds of First Lady that is – not so much the 1980s/1990s Tipper Gore outfits, but that’s a whole other post entirely! I’ll never forget that 2008 Vanity Fair issue with France’s fabulously stylish (and slightly past-life scandalous) first lady, Carla Bruni, on the cover. This was before I had a subscription and I bought this issue in particular simply because of her cover. From Carla to Michelle Obama to Jordan’s Queen Rania, to England’s new PM leading lady Samantha Cameron to Spain’s Princess Letizia, they all embody different kinds of style and I love seeing what they wear next (sidenote: Huffington Post’s Style section does an excellent job of posting on various royal fashions/outings.) Not to get all historically cliché, but the deep jewel purple keeps coming up in First Lady/royal outfits (see at least 3 below), reminiscent of the purple royalty wore a really, really long time ago in ancient Greece/Rome/Egypt. Guess some things in history don’t change!

Michelle gave J.Crew some presidential press (she even has a style blog dedicated to her – you can’t get more legit than that! As an former model Carla Bruni always looks incredible, whether its classic style or laid back chic. Queen Rania especially has some gorgeous dresses and Princess Letizia’s nickname is “Princess Fashion Plate.” Samantha Cameron is newest to the bunch, and while I like what I’ve seen so far, time will only tell – she does have some fashionably stiff competition. Forgot a fabulous First Lady or royal? Let me know!

Carla Bruni (France)

Michelle Obama

Queen Rania (Jordan)

Princess Letizia (Spain)

Samantha Cameron (UK)

….. Lastly, I really didn’t feel the post would be appropriate without ending it with the First Lady that began everything, Jackie O. I don’t think there will be a time when people stop emulating her classic style (at least I hope not!)

picture from

A pink filled Fourth of July

B and I will be staying here, at the Don Cesar in St Petersburg for Fourth of July weekend. We are staying for two days while B plays in a charity wiffle ball tournament, and I enjoy the free drinks from the charity event poolside! I’ve never stayed there before, but I do remember see the hotel — who could miss this HUGE mass of bright pink on the beach?? Enjoy your Fourth of July celebrations everyone!


I have a slight confession. I am addicted to bows. Anywhere. Any size, any color. I almost bought these bow-tastic Paris Hilton heels when I spotted them at T.J. Maxx(My favorite girl, T. Swift also shops at T.J. Maxx says this months Marie Claire– even another reason to go there for a quick shopping trip!) the other day – alas, my foot wasn’t going to fill the 7.5 size they only came in! I didn’t even care that the edges of the bow would probably get ruined in a night out on the town (And the fact that Paris Hilton-or her company- designed something I really liked was the surprise of the day for me) Something about the how adding a bow to an article of clothing or accessories just really makes it all much better to me for some reason. And it’s pretty addicting to start buying! Going home over Christmas break to Japan I was in bow heaven – the Japanese girls love bows probably more than I do, and the size of them on headbands were pretty big – although nothing outrageous like Lady Gaga, unless you were in Harajuku that is. I compiled some of my favorite bow-apparel items from three different stores that always offer amazing styles (and brands), using low, middle + high price points. And since choosing between items was harder than picking between another margarita and extra gym time or no marg at all, this is going to be one very long lists of pictures indeed. Enjoy!

Low price point bow love: J.Crew

Middle price point bow love: Kate Spade

High price point bow love: Net-a-Porter

Shabby Cottage Chic

Now this is definitely my minds-eye vision of a perfect, summer-y New England cottage. You can read the NY Times article here. The fabulous lady who renovated and owns it, Sandra Foster, lives on the 14-acre property with her husband, . The shabby chic shack was renovated to serve as a place to escape and play, as it has no bathroom or kitchen. I love the use of mostly white color inside and outside of the cottage, especially set against the rich green outdoors of upstate New York. Many of the items inside the cottage were found at flea markets or salvage shops and re-done – my favorite example is the mirror that was repainted using Ralph Lauren paint. How New England. The article made me want to go outside and find my own treasure of a run down cottage to make over! The chandelier (found at Target-!) above the all white bed-loft makes me very, very jealous indeed. I want to be on this porch on a summers evening reading and drinking a mint julep!

Pictures found here.

inspiration: une voiture et un vélo

I love this picture; I couldn’t even remember where I got it from. It’s been on my desktop for almost 2 years now and it always makes me happy to see it. I love the car – très chic, no?

I’ve been wanting a bike for a while now. I haven’t had much luck with procuring one, I really want a cruiser-type bike. Not a big, mountain type bike at all for me. I mean, Florida is flatter than a pancake…. But anyways, they do have custom-made bikes over at Urban Outfitters now. Definitely a Christmas type present for me at $400, but you do get to choose literally everything on the bike head to toe… or more like handlebars to spokes. UO offers their bike in two styles, I prefer the Plato style over the Aristotle. UO even offers a “randomizaton” button or “popular builds” if the whole custom color selection process gets too overwhelming for you (it might. Seriously). This Plato bike uses the “Vice” popular build, I just made the handlebars and seat both light brown. Happy shopping!