A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That

I haven’t blogged in a while months, so this post is going to be a little all over the place – but I already have “themed” some posts for later this week, when I don’t have to be up in less than six hours! I found a few items while on break at work today that I just got uber excited about and had to share.

I went into the Sperry store today and fell head over heels for these fabulous dark-ish brown Sperry loafers. These would go so well with dark jeans, white tee and my pink rugby blazer… or my many cardigans. Sigh. I love how classic they look – and at only $75! In my mind a steal, since the (too) metallic gold Sperrys are $90, and rather Stripper trying her hand at yatching-looking pour moi.

Speaking of steals, this cute wear-anywhere Wishbone necklace by Marc Jacbos is seven dollars. When I saw it in this month’s Harper’s I had to look twice! Not available for sale online though – gotta walk into a Marc Jacobs store for this little gem.

Lastly, I can’t get over my complete obsession with Tarte’s lipstain crayons. I’m pretty sure I want every color I don’t have in my stocking this year! I love how they smell faintly of peppermint (in a good way, not a overload like children let loose on a bag of candy canes way) and keep their color for quite awhile, in my opinion. Right now I have three of the LipSurgence ones (lust, charmed and amused) and am debating about which Matte lipstain to buy next. Should it be Exposed (nude) or Firey (a bold red)?? Decisions, decisions…

On a side note, I’m on the hunt for nautical themed cookie cutters and am greatly looking forward to seeing The Nutcracker with the boy this Friday! (Mostly because there can never be enough occasions to dress up.) Also, check out wtforever21.com. I stumbled across this blog thanks to Huff Post and couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. Happy Monday.


Love of the Moment: Emerson Made’s fabulous flowers

So a few weeks ago, I re-blogged this lovely style picture on the left from The Farmer’s Trophy Wife at her fabulous blog. I mean, who doesn’t love cardigans + flowers?! I wanted to know where her fabulous flower cardigan could be purchased from badly, and thankfully my friend of a friend Dyan helped me out with that discovery – Emerson Made is the company that makes these gorgeous flowers that you can pin/use/wear on literally everything (cardigans, clutches, shirts, shifts, heels, jackets…you name it). Actually, the lady with the fab flower cardigan is one half of Emerson Made (her hubby is the other!) and their website is really something to check out…. All of the photographs on there they take themselves, and they are opening a clothing line very soon (like this stunning lilac shift right below). They offer a few different kinds of flowers, such as the aptly-named Dahlia, Dandy, and Rose. I love their photographs, and it’s amazing how many ways you can use their flowers for that Emerson Made seems to come up with. Some favorites: small flowers for mens wear, flower ropes for decor, and even flowers made for that special occasion. Yes, Emerson Made makes one of a kind flowers for Will You Marry Me? and Happy Anniversary… pretty romantic/creative if you ask me. Below are some of my favorite (I have a lot of favorites, if you can’t tell) flowers that Emerson Made sells on their website. I can’t wait to see the rest of their clothing line that they have coming out! I’m beyond happy that Dyan told me about E Made – Even just one flower that can be used for every cardigan would give it that much more flair.

All photographs from Emerson Made.

inspiration: une voiture et un vélo

I love this picture; I couldn’t even remember where I got it from. It’s been on my desktop for almost 2 years now and it always makes me happy to see it. I love the car – très chic, no?

I’ve been wanting a bike for a while now. I haven’t had much luck with procuring one, I really want a cruiser-type bike. Not a big, mountain type bike at all for me. I mean, Florida is flatter than a pancake…. But anyways, they do have custom-made bikes over at Urban Outfitters now. Definitely a Christmas type present for me at $400, but you do get to choose literally everything on the bike head to toe… or more like handlebars to spokes. UO offers their bike in two styles, I prefer the Plato style over the Aristotle. UO even offers a “randomizaton” button or “popular builds” if the whole custom color selection process gets too overwhelming for you (it might. Seriously). This Plato bike uses the “Vice” popular build, I just made the handlebars and seat both light brown. Happy shopping!