Animal Instinct – bling, baubles + more

I absolutely loved seeing some of the animal-inspired bling from the 2010 haute joaillerie collections. There’s nothing I love more than the effect a nice statement piece can add to any outfit, and from the Bollywood-inspired creations at Dior to the clean yet always elegant pieces at Chanel, I’m quite enamored. Some of my favorites:

Diamond-laden brooch from Chanel

Love the serpent at the top of these Bollywood Dior earrings

Elephants are a personal favorite – heart what the elephant is holding in his trunk too! Van Cleef & Arpels

I saved the best for last!! This is heaven. Dior’s Rose Bagatelle ring

A girl can dream, right? Besides, just looking at those gems just makes the day seem brighter. I really am loving the whole animal vibe though, so in search for a more budget-friendly (or realistic!) price, I scoped out what Etsy had to offer, and found a few fab Etsy store with some animal bling. (I swear one of my new favorite things is to go on Etsy and just search through everything they have. Their offerings make Ebay look likes childs play – and I’m not a huge fan of the whole bidding thing anyways.) Dirty Rice is a great shop for unique pieces, with a dash of Southern fair. For an even lower price point, Forever21 never fails to deliver and with their most of their jewelry at ten dollars and under, it’s practically a steal. You do get what you pay for (in my experience at least) but it’s perfect for those specific pieces that will make a certain outfit go far for the night.

Dirty Rice crab claw earrings + necklace

Etsy alligator earrings + crab ring from here.

Forever21 insect ring, sparrow necklace, feather connector ring + owl necklace


cupcakes, please.

How adorable are these cupcake bath bombs I found on Etsy? The seller (Sugar + Spice Soap Co) offers over 50 different kinds of cupcake scents. Packaged together, they would be perfect for a birthday or any kind of wedding shower. Although if I had any, I’m not sure if I would want to use them because they look so cute! At only $4.50 a cupcake, it makes it a pretty tempting purchase…

Hidden Treasures: vintage + handmade everything from Etsy

A few weeks ago while looking around online I found my new favorite shopping site – Etsy. It’s basically a cooler version of Ebay (minus all the overload of stuff on there and the annoying bidding feature) or Craigslist (minus the creepy missed connections/looking for sections!), in my opinion. At Etsy you can buy or sell vintage or handmade items – there’s literally thousands of different kinds of items it seems like. The general categories include art, furniture, vintage, weddings, housewares, glass, bath, patterns, paper goods, lighting…. there has to be around 50, so I’m stopping short. I love this mirror and the handmade ship will be perfect with all of the nautical themed decor I have in my living/dining room. Found a nice tall entertainment center for $8.00 (I’m not joking) the only catch is that you need to get the wood and cut it out yourself (like with a jig saw) and then put it together. Hmm.. I’m determined to make it work when it comes in, though (obviously with the help of a few people.. I’m a better supervisor when it comes to these types of projects) I’m going to then paint/distress it a bit, can’t wait to see how that project turns out. I need new doorknobs for my tall all black dresser, and with my all black and white bedroom, I love these two different zebra knobs I found. Except now I don’t know which one to pick at all….