A Punch of Color

Perhaps it has something to do with continuously changing fashions with the same dark and neutral palettes at work that has me overly happy for 2011’s color of the year. The Pantone Color Institute has christened Honeysuckle as the new ‘it’ color for the coming year – a color that blends red and pink. I feel like it’s almost an adult pink – not neon or barbie hot pink, and yet not a soft, girlie pink (something I’m not a avid fan of, except on my nails. And blog background). I’m looking forward to seeing this color pop up in clothes, interior designs, home products, and more. Visa has even come out with an official Honeysuckle Platinum Rewards card, and I could use a bit of color in my wallet next to my silver, red and navy colored cards! Read more about the inspiration behind choosing Honeysuckle for 2011, what to wear and accessorize with this pretty hue, and the color meaning here.

Michael Kors Draped Goddess Dress in Rose

Sachin + Babi Kassidy Ruffle Colorblock Top

Personalized Case for E-Reader

Pink Flannel Shirt J.Crew

Prada Saffiano Leather Shoulder Bag

Emmy Thong Sandal Tory Burch

Lilly Pulitzer Cable Knit Cashmere Cardigan

Marc by Marc Jacobs Feather Jersey Tank Top

Marc by Marc Jacobs Anne Shirting Dress

All pictures and products found at Neiman Marcus, J.Crew, and Saks Fifth Avenue.


Around the Globe: First Lady Style

I know I’ve said (on facebook, so it’s official right?) that my dream job would be the social secretary for a White House administration, but honestly I don’t think anything would be better than being a First Lady. Well, the 2000s kinds of First Lady that is – not so much the 1980s/1990s Tipper Gore outfits, but that’s a whole other post entirely! I’ll never forget that 2008 Vanity Fair issue with France’s fabulously stylish (and slightly past-life scandalous) first lady, Carla Bruni, on the cover. This was before I had a subscription and I bought this issue in particular simply because of her cover. From Carla to Michelle Obama to Jordan’s Queen Rania, to England’s new PM leading lady Samantha Cameron to Spain’s Princess Letizia, they all embody different kinds of style and I love seeing what they wear next (sidenote: Huffington Post’s Style section does an excellent job of posting on various royal fashions/outings.) Not to get all historically cliché, but the deep jewel purple keeps coming up in First Lady/royal outfits (see at least 3 below), reminiscent of the purple royalty wore a really, really long time ago in ancient Greece/Rome/Egypt. Guess some things in history don’t change!

Michelle gave J.Crew some presidential press (she even has a style blog dedicated to her – you can’t get more legit than that! As an former model Carla Bruni always looks incredible, whether its classic style or laid back chic. Queen Rania especially has some gorgeous dresses and Princess Letizia’s nickname is “Princess Fashion Plate.” Samantha Cameron is newest to the bunch, and while I like what I’ve seen so far, time will only tell – she does have some fashionably stiff competition. Forgot a fabulous First Lady or royal? Let me know!

Carla Bruni (France)

Michelle Obama

Queen Rania (Jordan)

Princess Letizia (Spain)

Samantha Cameron (UK)

….. Lastly, I really didn’t feel the post would be appropriate without ending it with the First Lady that began everything, Jackie O. I don’t think there will be a time when people stop emulating her classic style (at least I hope not!)

picture from elle.com

The J.Crew Bridal Boutique is officially open for brides + business in the Big Apple!

Anyone who knows me (even on a semi-good basis) knows of my love for all things J.Crew. So when one of my best friends (also a J.Crewholic) and I first heard of J.Crew opening a store in New York only for their bridal line, we were beyond excited – nevermind the fact that both of us are not going to be married, or even engaged, any time in the near future – I mean, it’s J.Crew. The NY Mag just yesterday posted an article of the store opening and a fabulous slideshow of what the store looks like, dresses, jewelry, and more. The price points, I’m happy to report, are all very good – dresses start at just under $300!! If I was a bride in this recession, I would be going crazy. No wonder they are already completely booked through an entire month. Even if I don’t get my gown from J.Crew, (I mean the power of a Vera is amazing… sidenote for you bargain hunters out there, keep an eye out for the Vera Wang collaboration with David’s Bridal, who would have ever thought of that?! I guess something good can come out of a recession!) I know any bridesmaids of mine will be rockin’ the J.Crew bridesmaids dresses. You would never even guess that they were bridesmaids dresses, that’s how amazing they are. After all, I could never let my wedding party look anything like the 1980s a la 27 dresses (no thanks, bad Pepto-Bismal pink poofy long-sleeved bridesmaids dresses). Below are my two favorite wedding dresses from the new Bridal boutique:

images from here.